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One of the most frequently asked questions is – what does the frame of a wooden house consist of and what materials are used.

The frame itself is made of certified, dried timber of the highest quality, which is purchased in Sweden and meets the strength of the C24 class. It is one of the most important components of a wooden frame house to guarantee the quality and longevity of the house.

The thickness of the outer wall frame is 200 mm. Rockwoll Superrock stone wool is used for insulation, which stands out with high energy efficiency and quality.

The outer wall is covered with waterproof three-layer windproof film Tyvek, or wood fiber boards.

There are 3 variants for the facade. two variants are wooden finishing boards in Scandinavian style – painted vertically or horizontally with Tikkurila Ultra PRO paint https://tikkurila.lv/industrialie-parklajumi/produkti/ultra-pro-30. the third option is with a material for plastering (without plaster). In this case, Steico insulation boards are used. Info – http://www.steico.lv/steicouniversal.html

There is a steam film inside the outer walls.

Roof constructions are mainly made of prefabricated wooden trusses (trusses), which stand out with precision and strength. We complete our houses with www.freimans.com farms.

It is possible to complete the exterior walls individually according to the customer’s wishes and materials.